My Health Recovery Story: It’s the food!

It’s the Food! (***This series was originally published in December 2013.) Part 1: The Rambling I see “Well, look what I found!” in the email subject line from my college pal and expect to laugh at a film clip from undergrad projects 25 years ago. Instead I’m shocked to be face-to-face with myself in a … Continue reading My Health Recovery Story: It’s the food!

Before the “Before and After” Photos

Originally posted August 17, 2012 In the past year I’ve lost 50 pounds by radically changing my diet based on (finally) receiving some accurate medical diagnoses, along with eliminating most processed foods, gluten, dairy and nightshades. As a feminist I’m concerned that “before” and “after” photos would support the cultural discrimination of valuing women based on … Continue reading Before the “Before and After” Photos