Write Your Family’s Stories


Write Your Family’s Stories
with T. Dean Adams

“Participants de-stress, remember past experiences,
and look toward the future.” – The State

“Need a nudge to get those creative juices flowing? … sign up for this motivating and positive experience.” – Austin Chronicle


Add some fun and family history to your holiday zoom call! 

The fun and bonding joy of swapping family stories at holiday gatherings is going to be different this year. How to make the most of this odd way of gathering? Sign up for Write Your Family Stories with T. Dean Adams! 

The writing session can also be tailored into a fun Friends Creative Gathering to recover from family time!

What happens in the Write Your Family’s Stories or Friendsgiving Creative Gathering session? 

  • For about an hour, the family gathers on zoom, and with a little guidance from me, we write and then read family stories. 
  • The session is based on my Write Your Life community classes I’ve led for over 20 years. 
  • Though we are connected online – we write by hand with pen or pencil on paper. Old school.
  • We write in response to prompts, questions or photos, and read out loud to share. We begin with some simple tips to make writing easier and more fun. Even if you don’t like to write, don’t worry… words will be spilling out of you right away… it’s magical.
  • With a focus on the process and experience of writing, there is no critiquing – only gentle encouragement in a non-academic, creative environment. No writing experience is necessary. There is no judging on content, grammar or spelling! 
  • Guaranteed good for the head and heart!

Details such as the session length, format and the general direction of the writing prompts are arranged in advance with a designated contact. 

Options include:

  • All prompts are a surprise to the writers, provided by me
  • Family members supply topics, prompts, questions or memory as a writing topic
  • Family members supply photos in advance for everyone to write about
  • Intentions, goals and prayers for self, each other, community, the climate and planet, all beings and the future – based on your preferred spiritual concepts and cultural practices.

Benefits include:

  • Revisit favorite stories and see how differently everyone remember details 
  • Spark interest and motivation for more storytelling and research into family history
  • A treasured opportunity for multiple generations to witness family history 
  • The focus is on reading the written story, and there is not time for a lot of conversation. This leaves plenty to talk about after the class! And the stories are captured!
  • Reconnect or deepen relationships with family or friends both socially and spiritually
  • An objective, non-family member, outsider has control of the “mute” button! 

Pricing is based on number of participants and length of the session. The session can also be recorded and transcribed for an additional fee. Please email me for more information or to book your session. Sessions are offered mid-morning, afternoon, and evening of Wednesday – Sunday, November 25 – 29. Sessions may be booked for any holiday or New Year’s gatherings as well. 



“A rainy Sunday writing class with Dean at The Writing Barn felt like a beautifully wrapped Tiffany-colored box gift to myself.” – Kelley Burrus, conference planner

“I loved Dean’s writing workshop “Write Your Life As A Woman.” It became a weekly ritual that I looked forward to … I loved this format of class – no critiquing, no judging – just writing and sharing. I would take it again!” – Suzanna Choffel, singer/songwriter

“Dean’s class helped me get more in touch with my writing, my life direction and a lot of kick ass females. I recommend this class to anyone looking for a little pick-me-up in the soul department.” – Laura, 28, engineer/writer/blogger

“… learning how to allow all of my thoughts and words to reach the paper without judging them… This class has been such an amazing experience and I am looking forward to seeing how this affects my songwriting as well.” – Vanessa Lively, singer/songwriter, artist

“… tapped into parts of me that were long dormant. Opened doors of creativity and intuitiveness I didn’t know I had. The class allowed me to be me.” – Leigh,  pharmaceutical sales rep

“.. more confidence and faith in myself, in others and in the world in general. It was a true blessing.” – Catherine, tech writer


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Classes can customized for your special group of family, friends, or team building.
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